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About Central ID Systems

Our systems are easier to install, for the called “Patient ID XPress”. With over 14,000 systems sold our focus is primarily on barcode labels and wristbands for patient identification in hospitals and clinics. This solution will improve your current process and save you up to 63% off your current sheet labeling and wristband system. Come see our labeling and wristband solution and our new and improved ComfortBand wristband for the most, comfortable, cost effective, thermal wristband ever produced.

We are the only distributor in the region that provides on-site installation & on-site support of:
  • Photo ID Card Systems ( ID Badges )
  • Plastic Card Printers
  • Emergency Accountability Systems
  • Barcode Labeling & Wristbands
  • Cashless Payment Systems
  • Credential Authentication
  • Card Personalization Equipment
  • Embossing & Imprint Systems
  • Smart Card Technology
  • Logical Access
  • Single Sign-on/Secure Log-on

We also provide a complete line of plastic card technologies and in-house card production services.

See how our photo ID systems produce IDs for casinos, police, security, and employees.
  • Secure credentialing
  • Photo ID badging
  • Wristbands badging: barcodes/photos

Our Mission

To contribute to our customers' success by providing quality identification solutions and plastic card products. We deliver integrated identification systems that meet the needs of our customers today using the technology of tomorrow.

Let us help! Central ID will provide a no cost, no obligation trial to help you define your needs and find the right solution. Call us at (866) 330-8597 or fill out the form above for additional information.